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Ability to edit PCA menu options? Future Road Map?

Does anyone know a way to edit the PCA menu options? I don't think it's possible from a GUI standpoint, but maybe someone who knows how to edit .asp files might.

We would like to let users use the PCA, but not allow them to see the part where they can change the conversation menus. We feel this will lead to more helpdesk calls if everyone is not on the same conversation type.

Is this on a future road map?

Cisco Employee

Re: Ability to edit PCA menu options? Future Road Map?

There is something on deck for the 4.3 release that's being worked on currently - there is going to be an "Advanced" section added to the conversation page in PCA where additional per user configuration options such as menu repeat times, prompt playback speed, digit timeouts and such will be made available. It is intended that this page can be shown/hidden based on the user's Class of Service setting.

However I don't think anything is planned to hide existing conversation items. To be clear you can't change your "conversation type" from the PCA (i.e. you can't change from Standard to Optional 1 conversation) - but you can change your message stack order, timestamp order, if message numbers are voiced and such. As noted I don't think there are plans to show/hide these existing features from the PCA menus.

And no, hacking the ASP code is a seriously bad idea - many of the pages are "sub pages" used by both the SA and PCA and hacking one can easily damage the other. Clearly TAC will have nothing to do with supporting your web clients if you go about doing this.

Community Member

Re: Ability to edit PCA menu options? Future Road Map?

Thanks for the update Jeff. Our other option was having training sessions for our users when using the PCA to avoid the abundance of helpdesk calls.

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