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AC with CM 6.1 - Calls to the Pilot dont show correctly on Display


We have AC configured and when someone calls the main Pilot, it rings line 1 on the operator phone. While that call is active, if a second call comes in, it rings to line 2 on the operator phone, however, it does not create a 2nd box on their phone LCD screen that they can scroll down to. They can only switch to that call by pressing the 2nd line button?

Another issue we have seen is this: some internal users will forward their phone to the AC pilot number. When a call comes into the users phone who forwarded, it gets forwarded to the pilot which sends it to line 1 of the operator phone. It displays correctly saying Forwarded from this extension. However, if line 1 is already in use, the pilot point sends the call to line 2 which does not show the Forward from extension display.

I appreciate any help I can get.



Re: AC with CM 6.1 - Calls to the Pilot dont show correctly on D

I hope the call display restriction option will help you. The Call Display Restrictions feature allows you to choose the information that will display for calling and/or connected lines, depending on the parties who are involved in the call. By using specific configuration settings in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you can choose to present or restrict the display information for each call.

The following URL will help you in configuring call display restriction:

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