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Accessing the CAR database


I want to know the Quality experienced by each call in my network. I would like to create my own reports and alerts for the same. I know that the CAR tool already does that. Is there some way that I can access the CAR database, so that I can report on the data the way I want? I dont want to process the CDR/CMR records on my own. Ideally I would want to leverage the CAR tool to give me the processed data.

Does CAR use the same Informix db as the Call Manager? If yes, I have the Database dictionary. Can someone point out which tables that I should be looking at?

Any clue would be of great help.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Accessing the CAR database


It's not the same database as the CCM DB, so the normal schema document doesn't cover it.

In fact, I'm not aware of ever seeing a published schema doc for CAR at all - though the actual CDR APIs are well-documented (

If you want to take a look at the CAR DB, you can get a list of tables from it like so (from an SSH session to the server running CAR):

run sql select tabname from car:systables where tabid >99

Using that list of tables you can take a look at each one:

run sql select first 5 from car:tbl_event_log



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Re: Accessing the CAR database

Hi Aaron

Thanks for the speedy response. Just a few more doubts. Does CAR run on a MS SQL db? Does the CAR db reside on the Call Manager or some where else.   Will the CAR user name and password be sufficient to access the db? I need to know the kind of DB the CAR DB is before I try to connect to it using SSH. Currently I access the CAR UI using the Browser.



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