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AD integration Callmanager and CRS

Is my understanding correct that CRS and Callmanager integrate with AD independently? Or does the Callmanager integration has to be done first before doing the CRS integration with AD ?

How does device association work with AD integration ? If i want to add a 100 phones with BAT , i usually put the phones-users together and upload them to the CM database. But if i am doing an AD integration, I want the users to be pulled from AD. So do i have to upload just the mac-addresses of the phones and then once the AD integration is over, manually associate the user to the phone or is there a automated procedure to get this done ?



Re: AD integration Callmanager and CRS

Although CRS and CCM are independently integrated with AD, you will need to integrate Callmanager with AD first as the 2 share information and need a central place to look for that info.

You can use the Update User function of BAT to associate phones with existing AD users.

Hope this helps.


Re: AD integration Callmanager and CRS


Definitely that helps. Any gotchas with IPCC/AD integration ?

Re: AD integration Callmanager and CRS

The biggest thing to be aware of is that server/agent functionality becomes fully dependent on AD and its underlying infrastructure, so make sure the AD infrastructure you're integrating with is solid.

Which version of IPCC are you using? Older versions allowed for only a single LDAP server reference, so you had no redundancy in case of a domain controller failure. In this case, a manual change was necessary on the IPCC server. I believe starting with 4.0 you can reference an AD domain, so IPCC can find another DC if the current one fails.


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