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AD schema upadte(only once?)Multiple domains UM 4.0 (5)

Hi ,

We have a client with multiple domains and with an Exchange 2000 server in Each domain.

When Unity is first installed to access one of the partner servers say the USA Exchange server we will need to extend the AD schema.

The Unity doco says that the update will replicate through the forest. Do these changes to the schema apply to the Europe and Asia domains / DC's as well. If so what does it do briefly? Does it create objects in each seperate domain?

Will we need to do this again (schema update) when we Install Unity in Europe and Asia?

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: AD schema upadte(only once?)Multiple domains UM 4.0 (5)

You only need to extend the schema in the forest once. The changes are propagated to all the domains. The schema extension adds additional attributes to windows objects for unity values. For instance, the windows user will have a new attribute of ciscoEcsbuDtmfId which is the extension of the Unity subscriber.

see Cisco Unity Data and the Directory (All Versions with Microsoft Exchange)

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Re: AD schema upadte(only once?)Multiple domains UM 4.0 (5)

If the schema has to be extended only once, do you know if there would be any problems if I add a different Unity version to a forest where already is placed a Unity server?

There's a Unity 4.0(1) running in a child domain of the forest. For this Unity the schema was extended but I need to add to a different child domain a new Unity4.0(5)-Exchange2k3.Do you think this can be a trouble?


Re: AD schema upadte(only once?)Multiple domains UM 4.0 (5)

Hi -

This should not be a problem. You may want to check out this recent forum entry regarding single set of accounts for all Unity servers -

You will need to run the Permissions Wizard on the new server. Most importantly, if you don't yet have Exchange 2003 already in your AD forest, it also have new schema updates. Now, if you are planning to network the two Unity servers together, there is some functionality that requires all servers to be at the same version, such as cross-box login, minimum level of 4.0(4) for all Unity servers participating. For additional information if you are considering networking:



Regards, Ginger

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