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Adding a Cell Phone Directory

We are linked in with our Active Directory and would like to add an additional Directory to our user phones, so they can easily call the cell phones of employees out in the field.

Alternatively, adding a softkey in the Corporate directory that would dial the cell phone, would be preferred.

Any help here is greatly appreciated!


Re: Adding a Cell Phone Directory

You would need to download the SDK pack for CallManager and customize an XML app for the phone in Services. The XML app can then pull the LDAP information from AD in the "Cell phone" field and spit it out on the 79xx phones in Services.

It's not quite straight forward with the SDK pack. If you are a programmer for XML and HTTP, then it might not be a problem. I'm not a programmer and I bailed on the whole SDK pack because I did not have a programmer, nor have the time to learn it, and support another IIS server just for SDK. So I bought a Citrix Application Gateway. I can sync up different fields in LDAP and spit them out on the 79xx phones in "Express Directory" It lists the information we want. (location, phone, cell, email, etc)

Might want to post in the "IP Phone Services for Developers" They may have a quicker way or code to use.

good luck!

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