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Adding a second Unity server to existing Network

hello, everyone, I have a customer who has Cisco IPT current in place, they have one Unity running Unified Message. right now 1)they want to add another Unity server into the existing network to work in the failover mode. is it possible to do that without reinstall the current one? if so , does Cisco have documment regarding how to do it 2) if they want to change the port of Unity eg from 16 to 32, is it just a matter of license? is there document regarding this too? many thanks


Re: Adding a second Unity server to existing Network

I just opened a ticket on this the other day, but for VM only config. Here is what I got back.

Changing your ports should be a license upgrade, then configure it.

You will also need to buy all licensing for failover. It's great to have it if have the budget.


In order to configure the the failover successfully.

1.Create a domain user account and assign the MSSQLSERVER and SQLSERVERAGENT services

logon to this user on both Primary and secondary Unity servers.

2.Add this user also to the local admin groups of both the unity servers.

3.Before you run the FailoverConfig.exe on Primary and then secondary server Make sure

Unity must be UP and running on the Both Pri and Sec servers which can be verified by

system tray icon be green on both the servers.

4.Make sure the unity servers are also licensed for Failover licenses.

5.The full version of SQL 2000 is supported in failover config.MSDE version of SQL is not supported for configuring failover.

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Re: Adding a second Unity server to existing Network

Thank you,Tommer, it helps me a lot

BTW, the link above doesnt work though.

Re: Adding a second Unity server to existing Network

The link works, you just have to copy and paste it together in a new window... for whatever reason, the forum breaks it apart.

glad it will work for you

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