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Adding additional hard drives to existing Exchange2k

We are planning to install higher capacity disks on our existing Exchange 2000 which is on MCS7835. The current hard drives are Ultra3SCSI 18.2GB RAID1. Exchange isn't onbox with Unity 4.0(3). I would really appreciate if someone can help me by answering a few questions regarding this:

1)What is the maximum size of hard drives that can be installed?

2)The specific process to install these new hard drives.

3)How can I move my existing exchange message store(priv1.edb) onto these new drives?

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Adding additional hard drives to existing Exchange2k

1) You should get the biggest drive you can afford. I don't know what size HD compaq/hp is shipping now.

2) Plug the drives into the empty slots. Use HP's Array utility to configure the physical drives to make them one logical drive. In Windows, open Computer Management. In the console tree under Storage, click Disk Management. You will see a new unconfigured disk, Right Click on it create a new volume and partition, then format it.

3) XADM: How to Move Exchange Databases and Logs in Exchange 2000 Server;en-us;257184

New Member

Re: Adding additional hard drives to existing Exchange2k

Thanks for the detailed response. I was wondering if the hard drives are hot-swappable on MCS7835, please let me know.

Thank you again.

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