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Adding Failover / Non-standard (logical) drive locations

Hello all,

I have to add the failover feature to a Unity server (a MCS 7845 with Unity 4.0(4) on Windows 2003 Server and off-box MS Exchange 2003) which has been installed by another company. The issue was, that the customer realized, that there are some problems with the stability of the existing configuration (they seem to be related to the transaction log). The server is in a production environment and its availability is very important for the customer. The customer therefore decided, to license the failover feature.

By looking at the existing primary server, I realized, that this machine doesn't follow the recommended partitioning scheme of Cisco, e.g., there is only one logical drive (C). (Maybe this explains the stability issues observed.)

I would like to configure the secondary server with the recommended partitions. However, in this case the two servers wouldn't have (exactly) the same configuration. Following Cisco, the primary and the secondary Unity servers must have the same configuration in order to implement the failover feature. This rises the following question:

Question 1) Is there somebody who can tell me whether having two servers using different partitioning schemes is a problem for failover?

Given this is a problem, I assume that I first have to adjust the configuration of the primary server. In order to do that, I intend to follow the procedure described in the Cisco Unity Reconfiguration and Upgrade Guide (With MS Exchange) in Chapter "Replacing or Converting a Cisco Unity Server or Failover Server" using DiRT. However, following Cisco, DiRT requires exactly the same version of Unity on the replacement server as the version that was used for the backup on the existing server. This rises the following question:

Question 2) Is there somebody who can tell me whether making a backup from a unity machine which doesn't use the recommended partitions will lead to problems with the restore on a reinstalled system which uses the recommended partitions?

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.


Cisco Employee

Re: Adding Failover / Non-standard (logical) drive locations

1) The secondary server does not know how the primary is setup - the folders that are replicated are shared folders.

2) Depends on how you do the backup. DiRT Restore does not care how the partitions are setup. The only thing DiRT cares about is the unity version. That is to say if you have unity 4.0(3) Sr1, then the server you restore to must also have 4.0(3) Sr1.

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