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Adding failover to Unity 4.0(5) questions

I have a Unity 4.0(5) server, UM, Exchange 2003 is off box, and I am building a second server for failover. When I install Unity on the second server, do I have to use the same install account I used on the first server? I was going to install using a different account, then I read this under the Failover Requirements:

Cisco Unity and SQL Server 2000 must be installed on both the primary and secondary servers with the same domain account.

This sounds like Unity and SQL must be installed using the same account on both servers, or does it mean they have to use the same Domain accounts for the services? I didnt install SQL with the same account, is that going to matter? We will have the same domain account for the SQL services. My concern is that if I install Unity with a different account, when I run the failover config it wont work and I'll have to reinstall SQL/Unity. Any thoughts?


Re: Adding failover to Unity 4.0(5) questions

Use the same accounts you already have setup in the Unity domain. (unity install, unity admin, etc) You do need setup the new SQL accounts it asks for replication purposes. Follow these instructions to the "T"

The new accounts for SQL are used for replication between the two boxes. They run differently in windows and are not connected to the Unity accounts.

hope this helps

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