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After Hours VM

Unity 4.0(3)sr1

If a customer calls during after hours and doesn't select any option than the call is routed to after hours vm box where he hears our after-hours greeting and then can leave a voicemail.

However from the main greeting if the customer presses '0' & '#' keys than he is taken immediately to after-hours voicemail box where he only hears the 'BEEP' and then can leave a voicemail. He doesn't hear the 'after-hour' greeting.

The '0' key is selected to 'Attempt transfer for' one of our callhandlers. I have tried to change this setting to 'Send to greeting for' but there's no difference in the result.

Any insight/suggestions would be appreciated.



Re: After Hours VM

Hello -

This is just an idea, since I'm not familiar with your call flow and requirements, but it sounds like you could eliminate the intermediary call handler when callers press 0 or # at the main menu of your "Opening Greeting" call handler. Instead of routing the 0-key to a call handler, route directly to the subscriber who owns the after-hours voicemail box (also using the Send to greeting for). Before you do this however, I recommend you use the Unity Status Monitor executable. It gives you more detail than Call Viewer. On your Unity server, it can be found at C:\CommServer\TechTools\StatusMonitor.exe. Get this running for all of your ports that answer calls and then call your Opening Greeting access number. Press the 0-key and you will be able to see how the call is progressing thru your application. Ginger

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