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Agent is not visible in Cisco Supervisor Desk Top

Agent is not visible in Cisco Supervisor Desk Top

Problem Details: UCCX 5.0(2)SR02_Build045

CUCU 6.1.4

For some reason I can not get one of my agents to show up in Cisco Supervisor Desk Top

I have never had a problem like this before. I configured this phone and agent just like

all the others. The following is a list of items I have checked and double-checked.

CM user and Password

ICD One Button Logon

UCCX, Teams, Resources and Q’s

IPCC directory number

RMCM App User Association


Deleted user and re added user

I also did the following:

From my PC telnet to UCCX Server port 5900, Successful

From my Server telnet to my phone 59021 and 59020 not successful

My phone and agent work fine.

I shut off my virus protection and had the same results

Most of the PC’s and phones in my environment had separate Ethernet ports and they show up just fine in the Cisco Supervisor Desk Top

Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, Tom


Re: Agent is not visible in Cisco Supervisor Desk Top

Hello Tom,

In this case what you should try to telnet into that specific port is the Agents PC where the CAD software is running, this ports are use by the UCCX for the chat service. this service is the one that handles not oly the chat feature between the agents but also the agent status in the suppervisor desktop.

Please follow this document, and test again the connectivity.

Another important detail to check is if the Agents Pc has the Windows Firewall running or any anti virus software that could block the ports as well


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Walter Solano

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Re: Agent is not visible in Cisco Supervisor Desk Top

can you see other team members with the chat function on the agent DT?

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