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Agent real time display not ready time is inaccurate

Agent Not Ready Detail in Webview-Agent Realtime Reports in CAD.

I am looking at the agent: Agent Not Ready Detail Report in Webview and comparing this to the Agent Real Rime Display in CAD. If I manually add the Not Ready times (state durations) from the agent ACD state log, they equate to the Cisco Web View agent report. However, the Total Not Ready column from the Agent Detail Display report in CAD does not sync up with either Webview or CAD. Its more than an hour off.

The Eastern managers are looking closely at these numbers now and one of the agents questioned the report in CAD today and brought this to a manager's attention. It is more than an hour off which is a big difference.

It was comparing the state duration for not ready from the ACD State Log Display (for example the 5 seconds at 10:15:04 in screen shot 1) to the total not ready time from the Agent Real Time Display Displays report (3:48:59 in screen shot 2). The total individual state durations of unavailable time from report #1 does not equal report #2 and I would think it should. If not explain why?

From CAD client > Real Time Displays > Agent ACD State Log Display. If you add up all the Not Ready times and compare with webview, it matches. No problem here.

From CAD client > Real Time Displays > Agent Detail Display (this doesnt match up with webview report or the total Not Ready times in Agent ACD State Log Display).

We're looking to know either

1. How exactly the not ready state time is calculated


2. Where to find the information on how this is deteremined.

I appreaciate any response. Thank you.

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