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Agent's Ability to Decline a Queue Call - UCCX

     We have a group of agents that not only answer queue calls but have another line that they also need to answer calls on. Business needs require this functionality. Their complaint is that while they're on a non-queue call and a queue call comes in, they are not able to decline that call or bounce it to the next available agent. Even if they were to attempt to go 'not ready' after the call has been presented to them, it continues to ring.

     Currently we are on UCCX 8.0.2 and are planning an upgrade to 8.6. I know we can't bounce calls in our current version, but do later versions have this ability? I'm not sure what this functionality would be called so I'm having a hard time finding it. Thanks!


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Agent's Ability to Decline a Queue Call - UCCX

In 8.0 the UCCX can only monitor one line. So if the agent is using a second line then CCX does not know about it and will try to give the agent a queue call on their CCX line. There is no way round this problem in 8.0

Your only option would be to route this second line into another CSQ and queue the call. That only works if all the people are agents on UCCX

In UCCX 8.5 (there is no UCCX 8.6) the CCX can monitor the agents line plus up to 3 others on the agent phone.

From the SRND:

Cisco Unified CCX provides multiple line support using the 6900/7900/8900/9900 series phones as agent devices. The Join Across Line (JAL) and Direct Transfer Across Line (DTAL) operations are supported on the 7900/8900/9900 series phones. Up to 4 lines are monitored by Cisco Unified CCX, these include 1 ACD line and 3 non-ACD lines but only the ACD line can be controlled from the agent desktop. The agent state depends only on the ACD line on the agent's device.

Cisco Unified CCX allows more than four lines to be configured on the agent device but monitors only the first four lines provided these lines are not shared. The ACD line should be among the first four lines. The Agent can perform JAL and DTAL operations for the ACD call only by using the monitored lines

Calls on the non-ACD lines can be displayed on Cisco Agent Desktop. Supervisors can also monitor, record, intercept and barge-in on all calls or only ACD calls, depending on configuration.


Agent's Ability to Decline a Queue Call - UCCX

Hi Dan,

Unsupported Configurations for Agent Phones

The following configurations are not supported for agent phones:

•Two lines on an agent’s phone that have the same extension but exist in different partitions.

•A Unified CCX extension assigned to multiple devices.

•Configuring the same Unified CCX extension in more than one device profile, or configuring the same Unified CCX extension in any combination of device profiles and devices. (Configuring an Unified CCX extension in a single device profile is supported.)

•In the Unified CM Administration Directory Number Configuration web page for each Unified CCX line, setting Maximum Number of Calls to a value other than 2.

•In the Unified CM Administration Directory Number Configuration web page for each Unified CCX line, setting Busy Trigger to a value other than 1.

•Configuring a Cisco Unified IP Phone with Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) for use in silent monitoring and recording.

•No Cisco Unified Communications Manager device can be forwarded to the Unified CCX extension of an agent.

•The Unified CCX extension of an agent cannot be configured to forward to a Cisco Unified CCX route point.

•Use of characters other than the numerals 0–9 in the Unified CCX extension of an agent.

•Configuring the Unified CM intercom feature.

•Configuring the hold reversion feature.


Hope it helps.


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