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Alternate Contact Number Restrictions

Unity 4.2.1 - I am trying to set up restrictions for the new feature Alternate Contact Number. I have a restriction rule set up that works with notification devices but with the contact number only one of the restrictions appear to work, the "91??????????*" but not "8??????????*" or "?????*", the later two resrtict FTS long distance and require a minimum of 5 digits. My COS for all users has Restriction tables set up with Outcalling and Transfer restrictions. I believe alternate contact number feature is a transfer. Has anyone else tried this new feature?


Re: Alternate Contact Number Restrictions

Hi -

This is indeed a transfer. Unity will use the Default Transfer restriction table unless you have your own defined. I have 4.2 running in test. I added Dial Strings that allow calling to the 4 Northern California area codes, i.e. one is coded as 91209???????, 91530???????, etc. The * allows local calling, i.e. is the same as 9??????? (I believe). P.S. I plan to upgrade this next month in production. I will be glad to get the MSDE 2000 SP4 applied at that time as well. How are you doing with 4.2 so far?


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Re: Alternate Contact Number Restrictions

Hi Ginger - 4.2.1 is fine. I was especially excited about the alternate contact number feature due to the fact the system we are replacing allows users to set it up themselves and now Unity does too! The install was fine, we decided to just to do a clean install instead of an upgrade.

Back to the restriction tables. Is there any special order the rules need to be input into the table? Again the restrictions are working fine for notification devices but not alt. contact number. Can you try restrictions instead of allows and see if you get the same results? I have opened a TAC case. Thanks!

Re: Alternate Contact Number Restrictions

Hi Beth -

Would you mind sending me a copy of your Transfer Restriction entries with allow/block specified? I would like to test on my system a comparable setting that works with our California area codes. You can send to my email at and I will attempt to test this afternoon.


Cisco Employee

Re: Alternate Contact Number Restrictions

Just trying some tests here on my 4.2(1) install and the transfer rules restriction tables appear to work.

Remember that Unity goes down the list of strings starting from the top (string 0) and will stop as soon as a valid match is made - it will then take the "yes" or "no" allow action from there - so order does, indeed, matter very much.

I tried adding both allow and deny rules for transfer strings and moving them around and they are properly applied by the setup conversation when adjusting the alternate contact number.

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Re: Alternate Contact Number Restrictions


I got my restrictions working. I had two identical restriction tables in my COS, one for outcalling and one for transfers. I changed the transfer to the outcalling restriction table and now it works with alt contact number. I am not sure what I was doing wrong thanks for all the responses.

Here are my restrictions:

Dial String Call Pattern Allow

0 8??????????* No

1 91??????????* No

2 ?????* Yes

3 * No

These are the restrictions I want:

-Restrict long distance via the FTS line, dialing 8 and 10 digits

-Restrict long distance via dialing 91, dialing 91 and 10 digits

-Require a minimum of 5 digits or more



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