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New Member

Alternate Extension Adder

Trying to use Alternate Extension Adder on Unity 3.15 digital networked environment. I can manually add an alternate extension, say 3003, no problem, but using Alternate Extension Adder, using the following input file.

>> Alias,Extension,Alternate Extension

>> tlowrey,4663003,3003

I get following error

>> ALTERNATE EXTENSION CONFLICTS WITH tlowrey,4663003,3003 WITH ALIAS=,tlowrey,4663003,3003

I'm thinking that since there are other 3003 extensions on other Unity servers AltExtAddr is seeing that as a problem or duplicate. Ideas comments? Thanks, Tim

Cisco Employee

Re: Alternate Extension Adder

wow... there's a blast from the past. Been a few years since I looked at that code. This was written back before the days of snappy views that consolidated the dialing domain logic into a simple DB lookup so it's entirely possible it's checking the DTMFAccessID values in the global table and barking if it's not unique.

I can take a look at it later in the week maybe but I'm pretty pressed for time. You can add alternate extensions using CUBI and BAT in later versions of Unity/Connection which is kind of why I let this particular tool expire - 3.x doesn't have that capability however.

Cisco Employee

Re: Alternate Extension Adder

Moving to a later version where the Alt Ext Adder tool isn't needed might be a good idea in general. Looks like Unity 3.1 hit End of Support on October 31, 2006....

New Member

Re: Alternate Extension Adder

Understand. We're planning to upgrade early next year, but it's not going to be easy. We have to move from a NT4/Unity3.15/Exch 5.5/18,000 user environment to AD/Unity4.x/Exchange 2003 with no user impact. lol.

New Member

Re: Alternate Extension Adder

Hi, don't sweat it. We'll just manually set up 275 alternate extensions via SA. Not ensurmountable just a bit time consuming. I did check the DtmfAccessID table and found existing 3003 (example) numbers on different unity systems. Would consider any other work arounds. fyi, we're planning to upgrade to 4.x but not until next year. Thanks,

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