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Alternate Greeting date/time expire

I've got a server running Unity 4.2 -- and I am seeing something wierd with alternate greetings. Whenever someone turns on their alternate greeting and uses an end date/time, the alternate greeting does not turn on - the standard greeting still plays. But if they just turn it on and do not specify an end date/time, it works as expected.

If you go look at the user in the System Admin tool in the greetings section, the standard greeting says that it is disabled (but it still plays) and the alternate greeting shows as enabled but with no end date/time.

The additional kicker is that this only seems to happen when they access their voicemail box remotely (from home, etc) to set it up. When they call from their own phone by using the message key, it works fine.

We're opening a Tac case, but i was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior & what was done to fix it.



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Re: Alternate Greeting date/time expire

Hi John,

I found a bug that sounds similar and has a possible workaround: CSCsb70362


Subscribers will be unable to save settings on Alternate Greeting page in PCA when

"Enabled with no end date..." is selected. After clicking Save, the page refreshes

the page saved banner is displayed but the settings are set to their previous values.


This occurs in Cisco Unity 4.1.


Use the TUI to edit the Alternate Greeting settings if the end date needs to be set to

"Enabled with no end date..."

I realize that you indicated you have Unity 4.2, not 4.1, but thought this workaround may work for you.

I'd definitively recommend opening a TAC Service Request-- they can determine for sure where the issue lies and provide you with any required Engineering Specials (if one exists).

Also, just so you know, the standard greeting should *never* display as "disabled"; this may be related to the alternate greeting issue, but if it turns out to exist after you apply a fix for the alt greeting issue, I'd pursue that as a 2nd problem.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Alternate Greeting date/time expire

thanks for the quick reply -- we're definitely pursuing the Tac case route for it, since it seems to be odd behavior...

Just to clarify -- we're doing everything through TUI here, users don't have access to PCA. They're having trouble setting the alternate with end time when using TUI.

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Re: Alternate Greeting date/time expire

We are having the exact same problem as you describe above with version 4.2. Were you able to find a solution to this?

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Re: Alternate Greeting date/time expire

TAC came back with an Engineering Special for it, ES 44. We haven't applied and tested it yet, so i'm not sure if that really is the fix or not - but they seemed pretty positive that it would fix the problem.

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