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Associating a subscriber with Unity Admin Account

I jsut set up a unity 4.0.5 server with AD and Exchnage 2003. I can not access the Unity system administration web page since this is a brand new installation and I do not have any subscribers on the system. I need to add myself as the subscriber account to be associated with the unity admin account so I can access the SA web page. How can I do this if this is a new install without any configured subscribers?


Re: Associating a subscriber with Unity Admin Account

Hi -

Are you going to be a subscriber on the server, because there is a definite design way to do this - using Account policy, Class of Service, and Subscriber Templates - see the section in this link

"Before Creating Regular Subscriber Accounts" as this is the way to design your Unity application.

Other links to help: - will show you how to launch the Unity SA from the server the first time. - grantunityaccess command line utility. If you are not going to be a subscriber on the server, you can use the GrantUnityAccess utility to assign a domain\user as an administrator - the online help for this tool is excellent and gives you the required syntax for the command.


Cisco Employee

Re: Associating a subscriber with Unity Admin Account

By default the installation account you used to install Unity should be mapped to the Example Administrator subscriber account which is created by the install. This should let you in the SA out of the box.

If for whatever reason this failed you can do the same thing manually using the GrantUnityAccess tool you'll find in the tools depot on your desktop. The Example Admin account is always created so you can bind any account in AD to that to gain access to the SA after a new install.

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Re: Associating a subscriber with Unity Admin Account

I did an upgrade from 403 to 421 last night. all went fine...but there are 2 things that are bugging me...

1. I logon to the sa as either the unityinstall account or the administator account and it brings me to a page that wants me to choose either unityinstall or Example administrator. once I choose either account Im in...this is a VMO only and a digitally networked with 3 other servers in different states. This all works fine and Ihavent had this problem before. How can I just log on and get right in?

2. I had an issue with toolsdepot where it only shows a handful of things, not the full range. Wasnt a big deal because i was able to get to these other things through the utilities directory no problem. I thought that if I upgraded it would fix this problem but it did not. I looked at permissions and all looks good. Any Ideas.

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Re: Associating a subscriber with Unity Admin Account


Did you get this issue resolved as I have the same problem.

When Logged on as UnityAdmin and trying to access Web SA, I receive a message stating my account is not associated with a Cisco Unity Subscriber.




Re: Associating a subscriber with Unity Admin Account

when trying to login to SAWeb with an account which is not a unity subscriber, you can use the command "GrantUnityAccess" which is available under commserver folder on the drive that was selected during installation. This command can be used to associate a Windows account with EAdmin account (This account has Admin rights). For example if the User account is UnityAdmin, then the command you need to run is "grantunityaccess - u \UnityAdmin -s EAdmin". Replace with the NETBIOS Name of your domain.

If you are trying to login with an account which is a Unity Subscriber, assign the Class of Service of Example Administrator to that account and then login to SAWeb.

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