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Attempt Sign-in & Default Call Handler

I am trying to implement a multi-tenant Unity installation. On 4.0(5) I can put in a step in call routing to play each office's main greeting if someone hits # during Attempt Sign-in.

However, in 4.2 when someone hits # it doesn't go back to call routing but, instead, just plays the Built-in Opening Greeting. I see no step in the call viewer that Unity checks the next call routing rule on 4.2 where I see this very clearly when watching the call on a 4.0(5) box. On 4.2, Does Attempt Sign-in no longer go back to the call routing rules if a user hits #?

How can I make attempt sign-in go to an office-specific greeting when the user hits # instead of a valid id and password?



Re: Attempt Sign-in & Default Call Handler

Create a new CallHandler for each office

Create a general CallHandler for when the person hits #

# sends it off to the general callhandler:

"To connect to the NYC office, press 1, press 2 for SF, press 3 for LA"

Link 1, 2, 3 to each callhandler office.

The Caller Input has to know where you want it go. Once in the CallHandler, it does not know where you came from.

The way I set it up, is that each remote office has it's "main greeting" I create this # caller input for the subscribers input. So if a caller is at a greeting for a subscriber, they press # and it goes to local office main greeting, not the "Opening greeting"

I do this for each office and create custom subscriber templates for each of the sites. The # is then preconfigured for each subscriber I add to each site.

make sense?

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