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attempt sign-in prompting for ID

Unity 4.2.1.

If password entered is wrong during attempt sign-in, the message ask the user to retry and then ask for the user ID.


Press message button

Unity ask , Enter you password followed by #

Password entered is wrong

Unity says :Invalid user ID or password , try again.

Enter your ID.

How can I make unity prompt only for password when it is access from an IP phonr?


Cisco Employee

Re: attempt sign-in prompting for ID

You can't - this is new behavior in 4.2. Part of the security changes that were from other parts of the subscriber conversation as well. Specifically if you sign in and enter a PW we don't check to see if one or both are valid until both values are entered and then the caller is not told which is invalid (this makes it harder to "fish" for open accounts or weak PWs in the system). Technically we could write special code that notes that you reached the sign in conversation via a direct dial and skip asking you for the ID again but that's not currently possible.

New Member

Re: attempt sign-in prompting for ID

Has this been addressed yet? I am about to start a major deployment for 1200 users and I have quite a few individuals who will definately not like this 'feature'.

I can understand enhanced security, but why isn't there an option to be able to disable this new behavior.

New Member

Re: attempt sign-in prompting for ID

I don't think this will be addressed.

And I don't understand enhanced security myself since to not be prompted for the ID, I have to call unity from a registered IP phone which has the phone extension displayed all over the screen.

The account lock after x unsucessfull attempt is sufficient in term of security.

A way to disable that stupidity would be nice

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