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attendant console directory line status with CM 4.2

I have got attendant console configured at one of our sites and it is working fine except that the receptionist has no way of knowing if the staff member's extension is busy or not. This is important during call transfers etc. I can only see a ? on the line status column in the Directories box. In a nutshell I am looking for a BLF type of functionality that has been available lately in UCM 6.x. Our CM at the moment is CM 4.2.1 and I am assuming that this is not possible with 4.2.1?

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Re: attendant console directory line status with CM 4.2

Hi Vimal,

This should work in CCM 4.1(2). Likely you need to Stop/Start the TCD Service :)

Q. Why do line states of some directory numbers show unknown state?

A. Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) service is not started on all Cisco CallManager servers that have phones homed in. Start TCD services on all CallManager servers that have phones homed in. If this is an upgrade, make sure that you upgrade the TCD server on all Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster.

The attendant console server reads and caches directory entries at startup. After an initial handshake determines whether the directory entries changed since the previous log in, the attendant console downloads the directory user list. The attendant console also downloads the user list when the interval in the Directory Reload Interval field in the Attendant Settings dialog box expires or when the user clicks the **Reload button in the Directory window.

AutoGenerated.txt file that is generated by the Cisco TCD service and stored in the userlist directory on the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console server. If the Directory Sync Period service parameter does not equal zero, Cisco TCD generates the AutoGenerated.txt file when the Cisco TCD service starts and when the directory sync period expires.

To modify the Directory Sync Period service parameter, choose Service > Service Parameters. Choose the appropriate server from the Server drop-down list box and choose the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher Service from the Service drop-down list box.

Hope this helps!


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Re: attendant console directory line status with CM 4.2

Thanks Rob, for your nice response but I had already tried reseting the TCD on CM's, reinstalling the console application on the pc, trying it from a pc which did not have firewall/nat etc but to no success unless the internal XP firewall was causing some issues. I will play with it some more but soon we will be moving to 6.1 so I will troubleshoot more afterwards.

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