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Attendant Console - no Directory listings. UCM 5.0

Users are seeing no directory entries from within Attendant Console. Doing a reload from with AC or restarting the AC Console, I do see a CorporateDirectory.txt file being updated, however, it contains zero entries.

Additionally, I've restarted the AC service on both the pub and sub. The synch interval is default of 3.

What I'd like to do is locate and delete the AutoGenerated.txt file on the server and restart the Attd. Console Service on the CallManagers, however, do not know how to do this on the Linux based CallManager.

Perhaps there is a different procedure on the 5/6.x platform for resolving this issue?

I reviewed the following:


But am unable to find documentation on this version.


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Re: Attendant Console - no Directory listings. UCM 5.0

On my UCM 6.12 Lab machine, I've located where the AutoGenerated.txt file is propogated to:


This was found by accessing the system as root which required a bit's my lab...My question can I verify the file is on the maching without hacking my way in using a Linux LiveCD?

I've tried the following commands:

file list activelog

file list tftp

file list install

but no avail. I'm thinking that I either need to bring LiveCD to view the filesystem or contact TAC to get a Tech Support account.

or...Am I barking up the wrong tree looking for the AutoGenerated.txt file? This is the file that contains the directory info that gets passed to the Client.


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