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Attendant Console & voicemail / alternate extension

Hello gents,


I have the following point that I want to validate before going live.


I have an old automated attendant console on site with Pilot Point DN 5555.

All forward condition are set to transfer to another IP Phone DN 5610.

This IP Phone 5610 is in Call Forward All to Voice Mail (Unity Connection 9).

We configure the Voice Mail box of 5610 with alternate extension 5555 and set up a calendar for out of working hour specific message.


My questions are the following:

When an outside call come from the PSTN and reach the Pilot Point 5555 that transfers to 5610, do the caller hear greetings from 5610 Voice mail box(5555 is the original Called Number and has no mailbox on Unity, so I wish caller hear 5610 greetings that as 5555 defined alternate extension). Correct?

When an IP Phone A on site configure forward to 5555, if a caller called A, it is then transfer to 5555, that maybe transfered to 5610 and then to Voice Mail. I assume that caller will fall into Phone A greetings / Voice Mail box. Correct? What happens if phone A has no mailbox? Which prompt message Unity Connection plays and can we modify it?


Thanks for your help.






By default Unity routes the

By default Unity routes the calls to the First Redirecting Number for Incoming Calls. In your case, if the call comes in first to phone A and it gets forwarded to 5555 and forwarded then to 5610 and then to VM, Unity will still match the VM box for phone A. If there is no VM for phone A, you will hear the Unity Opening Greeting "Cisco messaging system... ".

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