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Attendent Console

Hello, I've just installed Attendent Console and am testing. Pilot point 5705 with mbrs ac1-line1, ac1-line2. 1st call to 5705 goes to ac1-line1. 1st call busy, 2nd call goes to ac1-line2. This is all good so far. If those 2 callers are still on line, the next call is busy. Both lines are allowed multiple calls per line. Any ideas??


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Re: Attendent Console

Hi, I'd check the Queue size on your PP and check if you've enabled queueing.

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Re: Attendent Console

Hi Rich, thanks for the response. I'm on CM 4.2 - don't see the queueing stuff on the pilot point. I'll look around and see if it's elsewhere. Thanks!!

Re: Attendent Console

From the Pilot point, are you hunting the two lines. in other words, do you have Line group containing only the 2 line on the ac?

As far as I know when those two lines are busy and a 3rd call comes into the pilot point, yes you will get a busy tone, as the hunting is exhausted at that point

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Cisco Employee

Re: Attendent Console

For enabling queuing, you will have to run acconfig.bat file from call manager 4 server.

In the advanced option you will find the check box to enable queue.

Another workaround for this issue would be to add another DN to the line group and check always route member for that DN.

This DN could be a dummy DN or a CTI route point with call forwarding all to voicemail.

So, if the first 2 users are busy and a third call comes the call will go to voicemail.

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