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Audio File Format

Dear Friends,

As far as I know that CVP4 and CVP7, VoiceXML supports the hereunder formats

CCITT, A Law, 8 bits, 8000 HZ sample size, mono

Is there any documents to prove to customer that this is the right format, as the customer recorded the audio files as sterio

Please advise,


Mohamed Gheta

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Audio File Format

Hi Mohamed,

Maybe these will help;

Prerecorded audio file quality must be designed so that it does not impact download time and browser interpretation. Make recordings in 8-bit mu-law 8 kHz format.

Design Implications for VoiceXML Server

A2 Q. Which audio file formats is supported?

Only au audio files are supported.
The format is 8000 HZ sample rate, Mono, 16-bit, 8bit mu-Law encoded



New Member

Re: Audio File Format

Hi Rob,

Thanks so much for your valuable input, but we already used the format indcated below;

  • Bit Rate: 64 kbps
  • Audio sample size: 8 bit
  • Channels: 1 (mono)
  • Audio sample rate: 8 kHz
  • Audio format: CCITT A-Law
  • We have new customer and he recorded the ,wav file with the same format indicated, but sterio no mono, that is why we have impact later on, so we need to give him document approved by Cisco, as he recorded 1000 wav files, so you can imagine

    Again, thanks and wish to get more support from our experts in Cisco NetPro

    Have a nice day,


    Mohamed Gheta

    New Member

    Re: Audio File Format

    which software are u using. I can not find it.

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