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Auto Attendant

Is there any reason to install the CallManagaer Auto Attendant when I have Unity 4.03 installed? I think that I can do it all through a call handler.


Cisco Employee

Re: Auto Attendant

Yes, you can - and more. The Unity automated attendant is actually quite a bit more robust than most folks realize. You can check out the "Audiotext applciations in Unity" paper on the Documents page of for more details on what you can/can't do with Unity here.

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Re: Auto Attendant

I'm currently running the CCM Automated Attendant, via a CTI route point at extension 1411. I've read (but not yet fully understood) the audiotext paper and browsed the books, but I'm not clear on how to re-point the function to Unity. Do I still need the CTI route point at all? I'm leaning toward yes, since there may be multiple callers, in which case do I just call-forward all to Unity? Or can Unity handle the multiple callers? I guess I need a 10,000 foot view of how to relate the CCM side to the Unity side in this application. Our test facility is, unfortunately, the production system, but our users are tolerant and often enjoy the humorous side-effects of my experimenting.

Cisco Employee

Re: Auto Attendant

I'm not real sure what you mean by "can Unity handle mutliple callers?" - of course. You can have thousands of call handlers in dozens of different audio text trees and 50 callers can be in different trees on different ports at any given time doing their own thing.

I'm not real sure what you've got setup with the CCM end of things but I'm reasonably sure you can point it to Unity and make it fly. Probably need some more details on how/where you're wanting to route callers...

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Re: Auto Attendant

I've got the built-in CCM version of an automated attendant. The user dials 1411, and gets the default greeting, etc. However,

1) The default greeting is not interruptible, so experienced users get frustrated waiting for the "dial a number" prompt.

2) When we change the default greeting for special occasions (e.g., "the center will be closed UFN due to hurricane Frances"), it becomes quite long, and then it's _really_ a pain not be able to barge in;

3) The default script requires the caller to press "1" to dial an extension, "2" to spell a name. Since all our extensions begin with "1", we don't need this irritating convention;

4) Changing greetings is kind of a pain in the neck (i.e., I have to get involved. I want it to be a clerical function.)

I think I can do what I want using a call handler, but I haven't fully grokked the call handler concept. Right now, the caller dials 1411, which is a CTI Route Point, which I'm also a little vague on. However, it acts like a phone, except that it can handle multiple concurrent calls. Do I just get rid of the CTI stuff altogether and point a dummy phone at Unity, or point the CTI Route Point at Unity?

When this hurricane craziness gets over with I can do a little experimenting; reading about it isn't making it real.

Guess I should have said earlier -- running CCM 3.3(3), planning to upgrade to 4.0(2) as soon as Cisco ships the software kit; running Unity 4.0(3), planning to go to 4.0(4).

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