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Auto dialing for weather announcements


Has anyone deployed anything or know of any method to utilize a CCM 4 system to place calls to large groups of numbers and play a recorded message? I work at a factory and we would like to utilize our system to call employees and let them know when there have been weather related shut downs or closings.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Auto dialing for weather announcements

That would be a broadcast message, but it does not dial their phone and play the message, it simply leaves a message in their voicemail boxes. It's a like a public distribution group, one sender records the messages, and deposits the message to the group in their mailbox.

There are other tools for broadcasting, such as XML to the IP phones. You could send out weather related messages to the screens using a third party tool, or even Presence.

Another option, use a callhandler and record weather related information on that line. Then have a hotline the employees can call and check to see if the business is open/closed or other information. Relay this information to the employees what number to dial in case of bad weather, natural disasters, etc.

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Re: Auto dialing for weather announcements

Ideally we'd like the system to dial people at their home or cell phones. Since we are a factory, most people don't have extensions or company IP phones, so the desire would be to have a system dial all the employee contact #'s in order to play the message. It seems a lot of schools are implementing systems like this, but I do not know if they use Cisco IPT equipment.

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Re: Auto dialing for weather announcements

yes, this is a common thing to see now at schools. Here is the URL of a 3rd party software that focuses on schools, but I understand they now have a commercial offering as well.

Good Luck

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