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Automate - Viewmail to Unity Connection Notification Devices

Hi All

This may be a long shot but does anybody know if it is possible to recieve an email in outlook then setup an outlook rule to automatically create a new voice message via viewmail.

The scenario is this, and if i am looking at completley the wrong approach then i would appreciate if anyone has any good ideas for this :

  • Alerts setup in SCCM to monitor servers
  • Critical alerts will be emailed to a specific email mailbox
  • This email mailbox should be configured when it recieves one of these critical emails to use a rule to create a new viewmail voice message ( this would be to attach a generic .wav rather than create a fresh recording ) .
  • This voice message is then sent to a Unity Connection unified messaging mailbox
  • This unity connection account will have notification devices configured with the I.T on call mobile number
  • When a call is recieved from Unity Connection the on call person knows to log into the system to check the alerts

We can manually send a new viewmail voice message to a unified messaging account and this works fine when using a ubnified messaging account and notification devices its just the automated part that we are struggling with.

Thanks in advance

Carl Ratcliffe


Automate - Viewmail to Unity Connection Notification Devices

Hello Carl,

I would say that on the Unity Connection Design perspective there is a limitation.

Yes, you can configure Notification Devices (mobile phone, work phone).

Yes, you can configure critical alerts to be emailed via RTMT.

Limitation here is that for the Notification Device, there has to be a voice message, therefore i understand automate viewmail idea you brought up, however i don't believe there is one, perhaps in the Exchange world this could be feasible however on VMO is not likely.   This feature is more about letting users know they have a voice message rather than an alert notification device:

"Cisco Unity Connection can be configured to call a phone or pager or  send text or SMS messages to notify users of new messages and calendar  events."

The RTMT (Real Time Monitoring Tool) can only send the alert via email.



New Member

Automate - Viewmail to Unity Connection Notification Devices

Hi Dooders

Thanks for the response.

Within Outlook when the viewmail plugin is installed you have the option to create a new voice message. With this option you can attach a .wav file or create a new recording, you then email to a user email account that has a unified inbox setup within Unity Connection. This email is then recieved by the recipient in the outlook inbox and also in the Unity Connection inbox. At the same time Unity connection places a call to the notification devices and this works exactly as we want so the functionality is there in this sense.

What we cant do is automate, what i have tried to do is open viewmail within outlook and create a new voice message, attach the .wav file which is always going to be the same generic file ( it basically says you have recieved a critical alert please log in and check ) then if i send it works as above but before i send i save as an outlook template then setup a rule within outlook which says if you recieve an alert rom this source send an email using this template. This rule works and sends the email as we want with the attachemnt however the template seems to remove the viewmail option being selected and sends as a normal email so it never gets to the unified messaging account just a standard email with the correct .wav is sent.

There are companies out there that offer this service as a premium but im sure someone must know a way this can be done with a Cisco suite of products.

Thanks, Carl Ratcliffe

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