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Automatic Creation of VPIM subscribers CUE -> Unity FAILS

Attempting to get automatic creation of VPIM subscribers on Unity working when networked with CUE. Have been through the directions, but cannot make it work.

Is anyone aware of some docs on dealing with this, troubleshooting, etc? I cannot seem to locate anything. Most frustrating.

Cisco Employee

Re: Automatic Creation of VPIM subscribers CUE -> Unity FAILS

Details about the "Automatic VPIM Subscriber Directory Update" feature in Unity at

Are you seeing any errors in the Voice Connector logging about generating the VPIM directory messages?

Do you see that VPIM directory messages are delivered to the UVPIM_servername Exchange mailbox successfully?

Is the CsVPIMConnector service running on the Unity bridgehead server? Does the event log have any errors from the service? Are the messages then being processed out of the UVPIM mailbox (CsVPIMConnector should check mailbox and process messages which deletes the messages every 10 minutes)?

The next step would be looking at diags for the CsVPIMConnector service. By default there is some logging to a data file - details about this at You can also enable macro traces for the service to log further information.

There is some further information about the feature in a training video called "VPIM Directory Update" posted at

Hope this helps you track down the issue.

Re: Automatic Creation of VPIM subscribers CUE -> Unity FAILS

VPIM messages flow back and forth quickly. It's just that the subscribers aren't being automatically created.

I was really hoping for a quick and dirty "check these 5 things when this doesn't work" document. But I'll take what I can get. Let me look into these and see where I can get with it.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Automatic Creation of VPIM subscribers CUE -> Unity FAILS

In addition to Jennifer's good suggestions, here's roughly how the flow should play out.

The request comes into the Unity server and the voice connector recognizes it as having a creation request then proceeds to create a directory update message.

This message is sent to the UVpim_ mailbox. If you open up outlook web access for that mailbox (you may need to reset the AD password on it to get in) you should see the AvVoiceAddressVPIM message sitting in there waiting for the CsVpimConnector service to pick it up and perform the creation task. If you don't see the message sitting in the Uvpim mailbox, then you'll want to make sure Voice Connector (IVC) logging is turned up to Informational level. This would imply that the IVC either isn't creating the directory update, or it's not receiving the creation request.

You'll probably want to go into the Diagnostic Tool for CsVPIMConnector and turn on Micro traces 10-19 and start new log files and retest. The CsVPIMConnector traces are saved in the commserver\logs directory. There you'll be able to see what the service is doing with the directory update message in the UVpim mailbox (providing its getting that far).

Hope that helps,


Re: Automatic Creation of VPIM subscribers CUE -> Unity FAILS

Turned up the traces on the voice connector. It's definately seeing the incoming message and attempting to add the subscriber. Unfortunately much of the trace output it gobbledygook because it's telling me what line numbers in the uncompiled source code it's hitting through....and I have no access to see that.

But, since it is picking up the V card out of the messgae and parsing it, attempting to do the add....but the subscriber is not appearing, I can only assume that something is failing, though I see no log entry flagging anything as a failure.

Re: Automatic Creation of VPIM subscribers CUE -> Unity FAILS

Ok....found it. After digging into the traces a bit deeper, here's what I found. The add was failing because it could not locate a distinct first and last name. This was because CUE had been loaded automatically from CME, and then the passwords and PINS set by CLI. We never bothered to update the GUI with full first and last names on the CUE. Since it couldn't find distinct first and last name, Unity was throwing it out since it couldn't parse the way it wanted to. After going into CUE and making sure that all users had distinct first and last names, the VPIM subscriber was cretaed correctly over on Unity.

Thanks so much for the suggestions folks!