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AvCsNodeMgr locking up failover server

We are currently running Unity 4.0(3).

About a month ago, one of our Unity failover servers (one of three sites, each with their own primary/secondary) locked up and had to be hard reset.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the AvCsNodeMgr service, over time, would begin using a large amount of memory. This would continue to increase until the server stopped responding. For example, when the server first comes up, the process is using about 6MB of memroy, after a weekend, it was at 400MB.

I've scoured the forums and tech documents and have found no instance of this problem happening on a regular basis. I may have missed it though.

I first tried a reinstall on top of the existing installation. No luck. I recently uninstalled unity using the "unity uninstall utility", deleted the commserver folder, and restarted. I then ran the Unity install from scratch. This morning the process was backup to to 400+MB.

Does anyone have any insight or recommendation for this? I am hesitant to do a complete reinstall from blank drives at this point, but will try if I cannot find another solution. As a temporary fix I have a batch file resetting the AvCsNodeMgr service nightly.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: AvCsNodeMgr locking up failover server

First, I'm doubting that installing on fresh drives is going to give you any different behavior here. It's possible that there's issues with the drivers on the box or something external to Unity that may be fixed going that route but it seems unlikely.

Second, just because a process is parking on a large amount of memory does not indicate it's leaking or is the casue of your system locking up. Often folks have reported this with other services that will claim memory if it's there and give it back when it's needed - this is a common model - and the behavior of a service expanding it's usage of memory over time is also very common (AvCsMgr does this as well, as does the SQL services and Exchange). So simply noting that a particular service expands memory usage and assuming, then, that's it's causing your lockup is not necessarily a good assumption.

It's going to be impossible for us to troubleshoot this out here on the forum with limited info.

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Re: AvCsNodeMgr locking up failover server

I understand that memory usage will fluxuate, but I have been unable to substantiate this problem looking at the other two failover servers we have running 4.0(3). Both have the service in question at the same size starting size.

The problem I have is that the service never seems to use less memory, only more. After a few days the server becomes sluggish. Eventually it no longer responds to terminal services connections. As soon as the AvCsNodeMgr service is reset, all the problems disappear.

It is a difficult issue to troubleshoot through the forums. I just wanted to see if anyone could offer insight into the situation.

Thanks for the reply.

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