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AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

Any one have any ideas on what is causing Doh errors with Unity and Notes?

Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_AvCs

Event Category: None

Event ID: 100

Date: 2/26/2007

Time: 10:06:49 AM

User: N/A

Computer: UNITY1


Exception occurred and handled. File: e:\views\cs_ue4.0.3.159\un_Doh1\Doh\Src\AvDohContainerImpl.h at Line: 364 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5E80414D AvDohSvr.dll: <unknown symbol>

From the AvCs Log file:

10:05:14:630,AvDiagnostics_MC,1440,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,MALLn,10,Count found 13 documents

10:05:17:068,AvDiagnostics_MC,1440,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,MALLn,10,Filter Value: AVP_SEARCH_FOLDER_TYPE = AV_SEARCH_FOLDER_NewNonUrgentVoiceFilter

10:05:17:145,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(ReturnReceipt) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:05:17:146,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,Unable to convert time to local

10:05:17:145,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(AVP_SENDER_ADDRESS_TYPE) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:05:17:146,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(AVP_CALLER_ANI) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:05:17:192,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo($KeepPrivate) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:05:17:286,AvDiagnostics_MC,1440,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,MALLn,10,Opening File: C:\DOCUME~1\unitysvc\LOCALS~1\Temp\AV_CA5.wav

10:05:17:287,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,14,PropID 0x7212000B not supported


10:05:41:271,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(AVP_SENDER_ADDRESS_TYPE) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:05:41:270,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo($KeepPrivate) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:05:41:864,AvDiagnostics_MC,1440,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,MALLn,10,Opening File: C:\DOCUME~1\unitysvc\LOCALS~1\Temp\AV_CA6.wav

10:05:41:865,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,14,PropID 0x7212000B not supported



10:06:29:629,AvDiagnostics_MC,1440,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,MALLn,10,Filter Value: AVP_SEARCH_FOLDER_TYPE = AV_SEARCH_FOLDER_NewReceiptFilter

10:06:29:707,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(ReturnReceipt) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:06:29:707,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(AVP_SENDER_ADDRESS_TYPE) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:06:29:708,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(AVP_CALLER_ANI) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:06:29:723,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(Importance) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:06:29:724,**,-1,1308,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo($KeepPrivate) ((0x222) Note item not found)

10:06:40:816,**,-1,4228,-1,,NotesCommon,13,NSFItemInfo(From) ((0x222) Note item not found)


10:06:49:723,**,-1,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,NotesCommon,14,Timeout waiting for proxy stub execution on thread ID=1308

10:06:49:832,**,-1,4088,1,111EDC12A7414B28BC43D27B86E86C9C,-1,-1,Exception caught e:\views\cs_ue4.0.3.159\un_Doh1\Doh\Src\AvDohContainerImpl.h 364 80004005H



Re: AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

If the Unity version is 4.0(4) and the message description below appears, apply Unity version 4.0(4) Service Release 1 (SR1) immediately to avoid service interruption:

Exception occurred and handled. File: e:\views\cs_ue4.0.3.159\un_Doh1\MalMapi\MALEx\AvMALExSession.cpp at Line: 1124 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5E16A05D AvMalExSvr.dll:


You can see this error when trying to access the SA and an error message stating 'Access denied - You cannot access the Unity System Administration. - There are too many active sessions. - Please try again later. - Please see your system administrator for more details.' is displayed and the following error message is logged to the application log:

Exception occurred and handled. Contact Cisco Technical Support. File: e:\views\cs_ue4.0.0.280\un_SA1\SA\avsadbconn\AvSaDbSession.cpp at Line: 7581 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5DC2006D AvSaDbConn.dll:

This will occur is the AvDSAD service has not started prior to accessing the SA. To resolve this issue ensure that the AvDSAD service is running.


Another cause of this error can be related to a bug in handling apostrophes in subscriber alias strings. This issue is detailed in DDTS under record CSCeb13891:

Always go to:

to see what the Errors means.

Hope this helps.

Re: AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

Yea, we are on Unity 4.0(4) SR1 and that is the notes from the site which don't match up to this error.


Re: AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

Restart the AvDSAD service.

New Member

Re: AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

I had exactly the same error last week with 4.0.5, I re-ran the setup with "-sync" parameter and everything was fine after that.

New Member

Re: AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

I recieved this error today but am running Unity 4.2(1) port 4 was stuck bust for 885:45

Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_AvCs

Event Category: None

Event ID: 100

Date: 5/1/2007

Time: 5:12:26 PM

User: N/A

Computer: UWUNITY


Exception occurred and handled. File: E:\Views\CU4.2.0.110\un_Core1\Arbiter\AvArbiterSvr\AvArbiterWorkerThread.cpp at Line: 209 - Error: 80004005H Call stack:

0x5FEAFAAD AvArbiterSvr.dll:

New Member

Re: AvDoh error with Notes - Unity 4.0(4)

Hi, I have the same problem. Did you find the fix ?

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