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AvMediaMasterCtrl Class is missing

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the installation of the media master bar. ViewMail Installation works fine without any problem and I can also do change the properties for viewmail.

The following installation of the media master bar seems to be buggy. The Viewmail form is installed, but if I want to open it, a warning window is opening which tells me that the security settings of my internet explorer prevents the installation of this activex element.(I have the lowest security settings which are possible)After I click on Yes, I could see and use the media master bar although.

I used severely troubleshooting guides for the media master and in every guide I could read about an "AvMediaMasterCtrl Class" in Downloaded Program Files, but there is no such file in this folder. Any possibility to install this file manually?


Re: AvMediaMasterCtrl Class is missing

Hi -

The ActiveX program is used when first accessing the ciscopca web page from Internet Explorer, not ViewMail. I could be wrong, but I believe the media master bar is part of the Outlook form that is loaded to your personal forms storage when the ViewMail client is installed. With just ViewMail installed, you won't see the AvMediaMasterCtrl Class file. The first time you download the ActiveX program from within Internet Explorer with a Security level of Low (even for trusted sites), the default is:

- Prompt the user when downloading unsigned ActiveX controls. This is the behavior you want.

When the user clicks Yes, the AvMediaMasterCtrl Class file is loaded to, by default in Windows XP, c:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files.

I don't know if it is possible to install manually. If you right-click on the file and select Properties, you will see there, on my system, seven files on which this file depends. Also, this file can get "refreshed" when you upgrade Unity to a new version. In my environment, I have not seen it reprompt the user EVERY time, but I always notify our users whenever we upgrade Unity that they may need to reaccept the ActiveX program.

Regards, Ginger

New Member

Re: AvMediaMasterCtrl Class is missing

Hi Ginger,

the problem is that there isn't any AvMediaMasterCtrl Class file in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files. There are only the two files "AvMediaMasterCtrl.ocx" and "mediamas.inf".

If I access ciscopca, there is a little window which overlays the media master bar, which includes the info that I should press space or enter to activate this active-X control element

New Member

Re: AvMediaMasterCtrl Class is missing

On a similar note, anybody know how to get the MediaMaster bar to be "signed" or "registered" so that I don't have to "Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate and use this control" everytime I access a page with MediaMaster on it?

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