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AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

Forum experts.

We have six Unity UM servers (4.0(3) SR1 ES68 ES76 ES115 ES121) Exchange 2K.

Unity Server #1 has had two issues in the past 7 days where Unity does not respond to dial-in message retrieval. Enter the password and Unity hangs there. And one issue of Unity now answering calls.

Stopping and starting Unity from systray icon returns the system to normal operations.

The only difference we can find between the servers is Server #1 is running AVSCAV~1.exe where the other servers are not.

What is AVSCAV~1.exe?

What does AVSCAV~1.exe do?

Can we "end task" on AVSCAV~1.exe from task manager?

What other methods are there for stopping AVSCAV~1.exe?

We do have a TAC case. That case is 604171221.

Thanks in advance for any insight into AVSCAV~1.exe.



Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

this seems to be your antiVirus service running.

this is looks like a Norton AntiVirus but double check what AV you have running on your CCM server(s).

as for your delay symptom with retrieving messages, check your MessageStoreManager service within UnityToolsDepot. i've seen when this is running and hung up for some reason, that it induces a delay when unity attempts to authenticate users to or retrieve messages from Exchange.

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Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

disable or uninstall antivirus on this box!

Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

Hi Kyle -

This executable belongs to Cisco Unity - it is the AvScavenger process however I am not sure what its function is. Check out this bug reference which mentions it -


Cisco Employee

Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

The scavenger process goes through the log output in Unity and constructs information for the ReportDB tables that the various reports run against. It should run every 30 minutes or so and should never just keep going - if it's having a problem you can certainly kill it - it's not going to hurt anything in Unity itself other than the fact that your report tables will not be updating.

And yes, virus scanning apps can make this run slow or trip it up entirely if the scannign service decides this process shouldn't be updating the DB or running through the diag files...

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Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

Hi Jeff;

We Stopped the AvRepDirSvrSvc. And sure enough AVSCAV~1.exe cleared from the processes running in Task Manager.

We are not pegging our processors and our TAC case did not involve Unity Reports.

We now know how to disable the process and we know that this process is harmless (with the exception of known defects).

Thanks again,


Cisco Employee

Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.

Just to follow up - the scavenger process is set to run regardless of if you run reports or not. In other words you did not have to explicitly ask for a report to be run for it to rummage the log files and update the ReportDB tables.

By disabling the service you will never get any reports of any kind out of the system. If that's not a problem then this shouldn't cause a problem.

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Re: AVSCAV~1.exe may be causing problems.


Thank you for the information. Good call.

However, our processors are not pegged.

Thanks agin.


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