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Backup Out of Disk Space

Hello - I am on CCM 5.1.1 and began in the last week to have backup problems. During the backup I have two errors (secondary CCM - SYSLOGAGT and CDPAGT). Then at the end while copying TAR files to backup location I get ERROR: Out of disk space, Backup Comleted. When I look at my system status I see the following on my primary (publisher) CCM:

Disk/Active: Total 12317912K, Free 762404K, Used 10929780K (94%)

Disk/Inactive: Total 12317944K, Free 11659388K, Used 32828k (1%)

Disk/Logging: Total 49848948K, Free 26248972K, USed 21067732K (45%)


On my Secondary (subscriber) call manager I see this:

Disk/Active: Total 12317912K, Free 0k, Used 11693152K (100%)

Disk/Inactive: Total 12317944K, Free 11659388K, Used 32828K (1%)

Disk/Logging: Total 49848948K, Free 38918324K, Used 8398380K (18%).

I tried doing a manual backup of just the CCM and it fails. A manual backup of the CAR is ok.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Backup Out of Disk Space


Cisco Employee

Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

The key is to find out why that subscriber active partition is at 100% - what's taking up all that space? Normally the Active partition takes up 94-95% when running well. Are you running CCM 5.1 on a supported server model (one with enough hard drive space)? A "show hardware" from the command line or within the OS Admin page should show you what hardware you're running, you could post it here. And how big are your hard drives in both of your servers (I'm thinking they may be 36 GB in size)? How big is your CAR database, if you have that activated?

I would definitely turn off any detailed tracing you have on that sub and remove any unneeded trace files.

I would also look to see if you have any core dump files on that sub, and remove them if they are significantly large in size...I believe the CLI command is "utils core list" to see if you have any.

You can also check for file changes using the following command from the CLI: "file check 1000"

Hope that helps...

Cisco Employee

Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

One other thing - you said the backup is failing when it goes to copy the TAR file. Have you checked to see if your external backup location is full? I know it sounds obvious, but it would probably be the first thing I would check...

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Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

My first thought was the external backup location as well but that is not the problem. My hardware is fine - here are the results of "Show Hardware"


admin:show hardware

HW Platform : 7825I2

Processors : 1

Type : Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz

CPU Speed : 3400

Memory : 2048 MBytes

Object ID :

OS Version : UCOS

RAID Details : Controllers found: 1


Logical drive information


Logical drive number 1

Logical drive name : Drive 1

Status of logical drive : Okay (OKY)

RAID level : 1

Size (in MB) : 76165

Number of chunks : 2

Drive(s) (Channel,Device) : 0,1 0,3

Command completed successfully.

Controllers found: 1

Current operation : None

Command completed successfully.


One other thing I found is when I go to "SHOW - Hardware" from the GUI I get an exception report - I will attach that.

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Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

Some more info I found:

In the RTMT SysLog Viewer (subscriber) I found that I have System Logs and Application Logs going back a year (when it was installed). On the publisher they go back maybe a month (and there are archive files as well). So, is my problem that I need to get rid of log files? HOw do I do that and how do the "archives" get created?


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Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

Were you able to get resolution on this, I am running into the exact same problem.


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Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

Sort of. A Cisco rep was able to delete soem log and setup files that were still in existence from the original install. That got me barely to the point where I could do my backups. However, I am back to the same point again. There resolution is to upgrade to 5.1(3). I am currently on 5.1(1).

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Re: Backup Out of Disk Space

I am also on 5.1.1, and am looking to upgrade, but want to make sure I can get a good backup first...Thanks for the quick response.

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