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Backup Unity Auto Attendant service with TCL script


I'm new for TCL. Here what I want to deploy, please tell if it's possible with TCL.

I have the following telephony component in my network

-Two CallManager 5.0 (Cluster: one publisher and one backup)

-One Cisco Unity

-One Gateway 2811 (without SRST or CME)

All component are in the same LAN.

In normal condition we run the auto attendant in Unity. We need a backup for auto attendant service if Unity server go off line.

I need to know if it possible to provide simple Auto Attendant by TCL scrip in the router (gateway to PSTN) 2811 for all PSTN incoming call. It should intercept incoming call, auto attend it (play a greeting with option), collect digit (option o extension) entered by the caller and send this digit to CM. CM take this digit to route the call.

If It is possible, What are the requirement to deploy it? I need SRST o CME licence in 2811 router?

My main doubt is: Can I run tcl script to auto attend call in the router if I haven't CME or SRST enable in my router?

Any good info for start and samples will be great! I'll appreciate any configuration example o documentation.

Thanks and regards.

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