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BARS Scheduled problems

Hi, i am having on problem with Scheduled BARS Procedures.

The CCM release is 4.1.3 Sr3a, and BAR 4.0.9.

I have scheduled the BACKUP every day at 2.00 am, and the storage location is one server located over WAN.

Sometime the BARS is blocked with the message:

"A backup or restore process is in progress.

Please try again after some time.

If the BARS server was rebooted while it was in the middle of a backup or restore process, please click the 'Reset Status' button now"

From the log captured on the last failed BACKUP the result is:

Backup started at 02:00:00 AM on 08/09/2006.

[02:00:00 AM] Local machine name is Pr-Ced-Lo-Pub01.

[02:00:00 AM] Local IP Address is

[02:00:00 AM] Service account is Backadmin.

[02:00:02 AM] Backadmin has local administrative rights.

[02:00:02 AM] Backup running with Low priority.

[02:00:02 AM] Found 49648MB available on the boot partition for staging the backup.

[02:00:02 AM] Staging Cisco CallManager target

[02:00:02 AM] Saving Cisco CallManager version.

[02:00:02 AM] Staging LmHosts file.

[02:00:02 AM] Staging Hosts file.

[02:00:02 AM] Staging security files from C:\Program Files\Cisco\Certificates

[02:00:03 AM] Staging IPMA configuration file.

[02:00:03 AM] Finding Callmanager database.

[02:00:03 AM] Verifying disk space for dumping database.

[02:00:03 AM] Dumping Ccm0300 database on

[02:00:06 AM] Database backup verified.

[02:00:06 AM] Staging database dump from to staging directory.

[02:00:06 AM] Truncating transaction logs for Ccm0300 database on

[02:00:07 AM] Backing up URL Services Page.

Could you help me ?



Re: BARS Scheduled problems

your backup got 'hungUp' for some unknown reason.

when you went to perform the next nights backup, it told you a backup or restore may be in progress. then it told you to press the 'reset status' button. (pressing this button would cancel the BARS engine from whatever task it was performing, or stuck on, and cancel the backup altogether)

Community Member

Re: BARS Scheduled problems


i have done this operation and everything is OK and also the scheduled backup works, but after some times (some days of scheduled backup) the probleme come back.

Have you got any suggestion?



Re: BARS Scheduled problems

i've got the exact same issue. (comes back intermittently)

not sure where the hangUp originates, the logs dont say. i've been upgrading BARS to the latest compatibile versions as they come out.

i've seen this symptom since 402 that i can remember.

i'm currently on 409 and am going to upgrade to 410 today.


Re: BARS Scheduled problems

Did you find any error in the Eventviewer?

Community Member

Re: BARS Scheduled problems

I get exactly the same issue with BAR 4.0.10

I have tried it with local drive destinations and at different schedule times. Still locks up at GetDNSbyIP occasionally. Any ideas?



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