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Bellhop service fails when Exchange does cleanup

Our Bellhop (latest ver) service fails when our Exchange 2000 starts it's cleanup routine every night at 1 am.

Any ideas anyone?

Cisco Unity Bellhop encountered an error: (error):-2147467259 ([Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Could not complete cursor operation because the table schema changed after the cursor was declared.) in procedure SweepForRoomDeletes of Module modPMSFunctions

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Re: Bellhop service fails when Exchange does cleanup

I think that error message may be bogus coming back from SQL and I can't imagine what relationship it'd have with Exchange cleanup. That particular routine is doing a read only query on the vw_Subscriber view and finding any hotel guests that have been checkedout for longer than the number of days set for room archive time (3 days by default). For each of those it finds it calls the DeleteGuest routine.

No one should be updating the table schema other than on Unity upgrades so that error message is a tad puzzling. Is there something else going on that would cause the SQL server to be unhappy during this time frame?

Either way, turn on debug output in the Bellhop admin interface and send us the output file it creates containing one or more of these errors to look at.

Also, you can prevent Bellhop from doing these archived room checks during the time you have your Exchange server configured for cleanup on the Bellhop admin page. By default it's set to sweep between 1am and 4am - you can push it back to, say, 2am to make sure it avoids these maintenance windows that appears to be conflicting (though I can't say why Exchange cleanup would have any impact at all here).

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Re: Bellhop service fails when Exchange does cleanup

Sql is just doing it's reg maint. jobs. I changed the times to run at hh:17 instead of the top of the HH:00.

I am unable to change the sweep times. It appears to change, I save it, but when I check it it's back to 1am. Should I restart the service?

I have attached some logs.

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Re: Bellhop service fails when Exchange does cleanup

hmmmm... that's odd. It's just writing that info to the registry and the service checks the times every so often - restarting the service isn't necessary.

I'll walk through the logs and see what I can find...

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Re: Bellhop service fails when Exchange does cleanup

I haven't forgotten about you - been trying to repro this one on my test systems but I haven't had any luckk. I have a couple ideas for how to make the cleanup routine more resilient to external stuff whip-sawing the directory around (which I suspect is the problem). Go ahead and ping me directly (lindborg at cisco dot com) and I can send you a setup that has this change in logic and updated logging so maybe we can get some more details about what's changing under us.

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