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Best Practices - Unity 3.1(5) Upgrade to Version 4

I ordered the upgrade for Unity 3.1(5) several months ago and the Friday before I was planning to do the upgrade, my Unity server failed (drive problem). Needless to say the entire weekend was spent rebuilding my 3.1(5) installation and restoring my configuration so the upgrade was put off until we were sure things settled down after the restore.

So now I’m getting ready to do the upgrade again and have a couple of questions.

1/ The upgrade kit I ordered has Version 4.0(3) on the disk labels, what would be the best upgrade approach to take? I am guessing that I will upgrade the running 3.1(5) to the 4.0(3), then do an upgrade to the latest version.

2/ As I was preparing for the upgrade several months ago I requested and received the license file need for the install. When I was forced to rebuild the 3.1(5) (which uses the old USB dongle along with a license file), I had a terrible time getting a valid license file from Cisco because the system deactivated my 3.1(5) since I had been given the 4.0 license file. Does anyone know if the 4.0 license file that I was given several months ago will work or will I have request a new one?

-- Thanks Brian


Re: Best Practices - Unity 3.1(5) Upgrade to Version 4

4.0(3) is the lastest build of release code. Once the upgrade is done you can apply 4.0(3)SR1 which is a small patch that fixes a hand full of defects.

You can take the 3.X key off prior to upgrading to avoid it getting deactivationed. We don't need it on there for the upgrade to go. The license file you got some time ago is tied to the MAC address of the servers NIC. You will still be able to use it.



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