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Bizzar XML problem with phones and voice mail message


I just finished installing/configuring Unity Express (with a lot of help from this forum) and when a user tries to record a message for his voice mail on the phone, there is a message appearing on the phone saying "XML error [4], unable to ..." (I don't see the rest of the message). So my users are not able to record their personnal voice mail message. It's the same on both types of phone I have (7960 and 7940).

Does anyone have a clue on how to resolve that problem ??

Thank you in advance

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Re: Bizzar XML problem with phones and voice mail message

Hi Gabriel,

Has this been setup on CME?

SCCP: Configuring a Voice Mailbox Pilot Number

To configure the telephone number that is speed-dialed when the Message button on a SCCP phone is pressed, perform the following steps.


Note: The same telephone number is configured for voice messaging for all SCCP phones in Cisco Unified CME.



1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. telephony-service

4. voicemail phone-number

5. exit

6. ephone-dn dn-tag

7. number number

8. end

From this helpful doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Bizzar XML problem with phones and voice mail message

Thank you for the response,

I was probably not clear in my description of the problem. When I press th "message button" on the phone, I get on the screen of the phone the "VoiceView Express connection" aking for the "User code" and hs PIN. I can login giving th PIN, and the I get the menu with 3 options, to listen, send and personnel information. When i go into option 3 to record, and in almost evry option, I get the message "XML Error [4]: Error " but I cannot see he rest of the message. So I realy dont know why, and what is going on. I could add the fact that, if I compose the number of an other phone and I dont answer, I get a "busy signal" at the and and I must hang-up.

I also give the configuration of my Unity Express, and the one for my router.

Finally, I must say that this is my first Cisco IP telephony service that I implement after my certification las year.

Thak you again for your time and sorry for my not too good english.

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Re: Bizzar XML problem with phones and voice mail message

Hi Gabriel,

Your English is great :) My understanding of VoiceVeiw Express is bad :( I did come across this;

Configuring the Phone-Authentication Service

The phone authentication service on Cisco Unity Express handles VoiceView Express authentication requests from the IP phones during the playback and recording of voice messages and greetings. This service is available only when Cisco Unity Express is working with Cisco Unified CME.

This service is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

If you are integrating Cisco Unity Express with Cisco Unified CME and your network has multiple IP phone services that need authentication, then Cisco Unity Express must act as the primary authentication service and must relay non-Cisco Unity Express service requests to other servers.


Two URLs must be configured:

The Cisco Unified CME authentication URL must point to Cisco Unity Express. This URL has the format http://cue-ip-address/voiceview/authentication/

The Cisco Unity Express fallback authentication URL must point to the third-party fallback server. This URL has the format http://servername/path/filename. Authentication requests from non-Cisco Unity Express services are relayed to this third-party server.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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