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Bulk Edit and Switch Type

I?ve had this happen at two different client cutovers from a dual ntegration. After the migration from NEC to Callmanager, I use bulk edit to move users from the PIMG switch type to Callmanager and MWI still lights the PIMG integration. They only way I?ve been able to fix this is to go through the admin interface, manually put the users back in the PIMG switch type-save the config- then put the user back in the Callmanager switch type then save. MWI works just fine. At the last location I cut over, I went as far as restarting Unity after I used Bulkedit to update the switch type and it still lit the wrong MWI integration.

I?ve updated the Bulkedit tool to the latest on and I have been unable to get this to work. Anyone seen this behavior?

Cisco Employee

Re: Bulk Edit and Switch Type

What version of Unity are you using? Recent versions should use the UTIM tool found in the tools depot for changing switch IDs (there are many of these - MWIs and notification devices, contact rules, subscriber/call handlers top level etc...).

Re: Bulk Edit and Switch Type

yeah, for whatever reason, they took out the Switch Integration option on the Bulk Edit in the new version. It's kind of annoying when you can't use the Bulk Edit and change the switch from PIMG to CCM. Cisco makes you do it now using the UTIM.. which is silly to me because you can't sort with that tool.

So was in the middle of converting people and decided to upgrade to the new Bulk Edit... I ended up saving a backup copy of Bulk Edit from an earlier version of Unity.. (4.0.5-4.1) I had it in a folder, copied it onto my Unity server and ran the older version to complete my task because I could use the Switch Integration drop down menu.

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