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Bulk Import Exchange AD Phone Number

The Telephone Number field in our Active Directory is formatted as "(NPA) NXX-XXXX". When I try to import these into Unity using Bulk Import, Exchange subscribers with phone numbers containing parentheses, hyphens, and spaces (pretty much everyone) are excluded from the list of candidate importees. Is there a way that non-numeric characters can just be ignored by BI to at least allow me to edit the DTMF ID into something usable, rather than just rejecting them outright? Even better would be some transform like Bulk Edit uses to modify the phone number into a DTMF ID (like by keeping the last 4 digits)?

Cisco Employee

Re: Bulk Import Exchange AD Phone Number

Yeah, a set of rules for importing numbers from various AD fields as the Unity primary extension would be ideal but it's not something the DB boys have added to the CUBI tool yet. The best I can suggest at this point is to ask your account team to stick a PER request in for this and get it on the product development plate.

New Member

Re: Bulk Import Exchange AD Phone Number

how about just ignoring non-numeric characters in the phone number string and at least giving us a chance to fix it & import the subscriber? Currently, if there is a non-numeric character in the phone number, it rejects the user with an error and doesn't even give a chance to fix it.

Cisco Employee

Re: Bulk Import Exchange AD Phone Number

Again, it's not in there now (as you've already noticed) and to get it in there will take a change by the database crew that owns that tool - the best way to go about this is through your account team opening a request.

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