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Bulk remote logout extension mobility users

Hi there,

First of all, I'm using Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1.

I have a list with 200+ directory numbers. All users are logged in with a profile using extension mobility. All those numbers shouldn't be used by the users anymore, so I would like to change the PIN numbers and have them logged out.

Here are the problems:

1. You can remote log out a phone with a query. But since where dealing with logged in user device profiles, the phones won't show up when you search for the directory number (DN).

2. I can't delete the profiles if they are logged in because I get the error message "The pkid column in the device table in the database is being referenced from another table".

3. Deleting the DN is also an option, but since we're talking about 200+ numbers/profiles, it has to be done using the bat tool and I can't seem to find a bulk option for DN's.

4. Deleting the DN from a profile using the bat tool: can insert or delete a profile, not update. Lines can only be updates using the bat tool.

5. Removing the controlled profiles from the users doesn't do anything. The phones remain logged in. Even resetting or restarting the phones doesn't log out the users.

I hope someone can assist me in my troublesome task.

Best regards,

I. Hornes

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Re: Bulk remote logout extension mobility users


Here: you can find some advice for logging users out (and in). One by one, but anyway, you can do it on your own browser.

There was also a tool called "EMTool" (Extension Mobility Login/Logout tool), but the version 1.0 doesn´t work with 6.1 (vith 4.2 it worked just fine), and I haven´t found a newer version of that tool.

With best wishes


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Re: Bulk remote logout extension mobility users

Thanks, I will look into it!

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Re: Bulk remote logout extension mobility users


Do you know where i can get the EMTool?

I cannot find it online

any help would be appreciated



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