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Business Attendant Console


I am trying to install CUBAC with CUCM 8.0(3).

Application has installed fine on server and I am in the web admin page.

I have configured an END user on CUCM as per documention (question why is this not an application user? Surely when I do LDAP sync with my AD the end user will dissapear?

I am now trying to configure CTI ports and the port is configured fine, but when it goes to the association stage it fails with error code -391

Cannot insert a null into column (enduserdevicemap.fkenduser).

On all CTI ports and route points.

Any help would be appreciated as documention seems scarce on the product.

Many Thanks

New Member

Re: Business Attendant Console

Although I can't answer your main question, just to warn you on the End User account front, as you suspected when you do an LDAP sync that account would disappear. You need to make sure you create it in your AD too so that this doesn't happen. If you're using an LDAP filter to only pull in accounts to CUCM that have a telephone number, just give your CUBAC account a dummy phone number.

And as far as your main question goes, if you haven't already seen it, the troubleshooting link at the bottom of may be of use. Most of what is here should apply to CUBAC as well.

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