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Call Flow Tracking

I have a Unity 4.1.1 standalone UM only in a medical facility. Patients call in for anything from simple questions for a physician to prescription refills and test results. The Unity was originally a 3.1.6 then a 4.0(5) and is now a 4.1.1. It has about 400 VM users and 10 or so fairly extensive Caller Menus.

Nortel M1 Integration, Server 2000, EX 2000 SP3 + rollup. All applicable SP's and Updates applied.

Here's the issue: Patients and departments are complaing that messages are not getting to their intended parties. SOME of the messages ended up in the EADMIN mailbox as this is a the general delivery Mailbox for anything that does not hit it's intended mailbox. SOME of the messages are not being delivered anywhere. Not in the UnityMTA, not into another mailbox. Patients state " i left a message for so-and-so and they never got back to me," and so-and-so says "i never got a message."

What i need to know is there a trace where I can track call flow through a Call Handler? Is there a trace that will show time and date a call was received with calling parties CallerID info?

I'm trying to avoid this becomming a legal mess.



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Re: Call Flow Tracking

Check you configuration by running the lastest DBWalker.

Then bring up the call viewer and port status monitor to watch the calls. Additionally the event viewer can provide basic troubleshooting assistance. Start there and with the two tools in addition to the DBWalker.

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Re: Call Flow Tracking

DBWalker reports no errors.

Problem with watching the call viewer is these calls are at random times during the day. i'd have to stare at it non stop all day. 99% of the time everything is kosher. But that 1% has been problematic

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