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Call Handler delay during transfer

When a user calls into a call handler and chooses an option it puts the caller on hold and then it plays MOH and then the called party rings. Is there anyway to change that to transfer without MOH. Also can I turn off the abillity to turn off MOH on Unity to CCM integration.

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Re: Call Handler delay during transfer

The short answer is yes you can, but there are several ways to do it, none precisely straightforward.

All of the below assumes you are using "release to switch" transfers from Unity, as these are the default and most commonly used.

In this type of transfer operation, Unity uses the same line the caller has dialed into and sends a "transfer" signal to the CM. This has precisely the same effect as when one presses the transfer key on a phone, in that the original connected caller is placed on “network hold” while the CM system waits to accept the dial string of the party to be transferred to. This is why your caller gets MOH, Unity inits a transfer operation, sends the dial string, and then completes the transfer. Your caller receives a very brief spot of MOH in the middle of this, just like they would from a phone.

So now that we’ve established why the MoH is there in the first place, there are two things you can readily do about it:

1- Disable CM MoH system wide, fairly easy to do, you remove all MoH servers from all Media Resource Groups on the CM. To be thorough you can also delete the MoH Server configuration(s) from CM as well. This should have the effect of enabling tone on hold globally, where uses hear occasional tones while on hold. You will probably need to reset affected devices for this to be effective as well. This is a rather drastic approach and you may want music in other places.

2- Introduce a new MoH audio source file that you apply specifically to the Unity ports (or device pool if you have one specific to the Unity ports). Recommend applying both user and network hold audio settings. (“Network” hold is used during a transfer operation) But wait! You really don’t want music you say? Then make your new audio source five seconds of silence…

Hope this helps.

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