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Call Handler - Direct Transfer.

Running Unity 4.04, I'm trying to setup a call handler to be able to transfer a call to another extension without that extension having voicemail assign to it, like a Hunt Group. I've checked the yes, ring a subscriber at this extension, but Eample Admin kicks in and the call never transfers. I've changed Profile; Active Schedule to all day too. Thanks for Any Help.



Re: Call Handler - Direct Transfer.

You can create a Call Handler and go to the Call Transfer page and enter in the extension you want to transfer to in the "Yes, ring subscriber at this number" box.

If you are transfering to this Hunt Group Call Handler from another Call Handler, you will need to go to the 1st Call Handler, go to the caller input option and select "Send caller to Call Handler", choose the Hunt Group Call Handler you created to forward calls and make sure you pick "Attempt to transfer" in the Conversation option drop down box.

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Re: Call Handler - Direct Transfer.

I've tried that, only problem is - the example admin picks up the call and it never transfers to the number specified. I've tried both send to greeting and transfer options. On greeting i've selected on source:blank. After greeting is set to hang up.


Cisco Employee

Re: Call Handler - Direct Transfer.

I suspect you're fiddling with the wrong greeting - this absolutely does work and is a very common techique.

As a test, set the ALTERNATE greeting for the handler you're using to sling shot the call as active, set it's source to blank and set it's after greeting action to attempt transfer for the call handler you want to ring the phone. On THAT call handler, set the ALTERNATE transfer rule to active and have it set the phone to ring.

Using the alternate greeting and the alternate transfer rule like this take the most common issue here out of the equation since they over ride all other rules without question.

This absolutely works and has always worked so if you continue to get the greeting after doing this you're liking having the call routed somewhere unexepected and you'll need to open up the call viewer and the port status montior app from the tools depot and see how the call is being processed.

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Re: Call Handler - Direct Transfer.

Did you every figure this out?  I am having same issue.

Call come into main Call HandlerA.   Caller chooses option 3 which is attempt to transfer to call handlerB.

I have tried configuring transfer rule for Call Handler B to ring ext

I have also had call handler B go to Call Handler C and configured the handler C transfer rule to go to ext.

It works when the calls are going directly to the call handler A and then after greeting Transfer to Call Handler B where transfer rule is ringing to extension.

Im thinking I have to convert Call Handler A to a Subscriber where I can choose Alt contact number for option 3.

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