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Call handler does not play the recorded greeting

Hi all

On Unity Connection 8.0 we have setup a call handler for the main number (auto attendant), when you dial this number (CTI RP) the call handler plays the sorry, there was no answer prompt.  In the greetings menu, for the standard greeting there is a recording and callers hear is set to my personal recording.

But this recording is not played.  The caller input is working ok, ie if you know the menu structure you it will transfer etc it just does not play the recordings

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


11:00:55, AttemptForward

11:00:55, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy

11:00:55, Event is [NULL]

11:00:55, PHTransfer

11:00:55, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo

11:00:55, Event is [TrueEvent]

11:00:55, PHGreeting

11:00:55, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting

11:00:55, Call answered if needed

11:00:55, Playing greeting for Call Handler:  HPG AA MainNumber

11:00:58, No DTMF received

I tried changing the direct routing rule for this call handler to attempt transfer or directly to greetings, the message remains the sorry, there is no answer instead of the recording, welcome to...

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Call handler does not play the recorded greeting

Found it

language settings on the Basics of the call handler not matching the language settings of the greeting....

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