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Call Manager 5 to 7

Hi we are upgrading our call manager from version 5 to version 7, please let me know the steps and also the other neccessary steps that i should take before starting the conversion from 5 to 7.

Many Thanks

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Re: Call Manager 5 to 7


First check the compatibility matrix for supported upgrades. You will almost certainly need to go through several upgrades to reach your intended release:

You'll need to purchase upgrade licenses or order the upgrade via PUT (product upgrade tool) if you have UCSS or other entitlement to free upgrades.



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Re: Call Manager 5 to 7

Here are the procedures you need to follow:

1. Check the following to ensure your upgrade path is supported:

2. Go to Product Upgrade Tool:

From here, you are able to select the software upgrade kits which are covered under your entitlement.

Order the kit(s) you need  (for CUCM and associated software, like UCCX, CUC, etc.)

Please keep in mind there is a lag of 4-6 weeks for fulfilment (my experience)

3. If you find problems with the above step, then work with your Cisco AM.

4. Read the install/upgrade guide for your target version:

5. Build your implementation procedure which should include:

- prep tasks:  Tasks that the install/upgrade guide told you to gather ahead of time.  Also tasks that are custom to your environment, like change controls/SNMP alarms/etc.

- build tasks: Tasks for executing the upgrade (per the install/upgrade guide) that are tempered with institutional information (i.e. sometimes you have to add some special steps that are only applicable to your environment)

- post-build tasks: These are clean up tasks and other associated procedures per install/upgrade guide

- validation:  You will want to run a validation plan to make sure things are working A-OK.

NOTE: I also recommend that you develop a validation plan that you can use before doing the upgrade.  You will run the same plan after the upgrade.  Basically, this will give you more confidence that everything works the same way it did before you decided to monkey with the system.

- backout plan:  Make sure you have a clean path out of the change.  Just in case.  You want to have a plan because people never make good decisions at 02:00 when things are not going well.  You have to have clear points where you can back out so that you don't work yourself into a corner.

6. Schedule your change and tell your users

7. Execute

That is the high level.




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HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Call Manager 5 to 7

Hey Aaron and Bill,

Just sitting here having my Saturday morning Coffee and reading some posts (mmmmmm "Cafe Verona" )

Thought you both deserved +5 points for these good answers and for all your recent great work




PS: getting ready for the Philly/Boston Stanley Cup game in 10 minutes, should be sweet!

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Re: Call Manager 5 to 7

Thanks to all of you for providing such a brilliant answer

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