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Call Manager 6.1 and RTMT E-mail alerts?

I get e-mail alerts daily about MGCP gateways decreasing or increasing and also MGCP D-channels going out of service. When I look at the alert detail in RTMT it shows me what gateway is having an issue, but the e-mails don't specify anything but the gateway count decreasing or D-channel out of service. It doesn't tell me what gateway is trouble, it's very generic. Is there any way to have the same alert detail that I see in RTMT sent via the e-mail alert? I did some research and all I found so far was that this was a feature request that was submitted to Cisco but that was back in 2007. Any help would be appreciated.




Re: Call Manager 6.1 and RTMT E-mail alerts?


I read thru the RTMT administration guide for 6.1 and it appears that, currently, for preconfigured alerts you cannot modify the details of the alert being sent to you.  There is a table in the guide that lists all of the properties and it notes the following:

Alert Details

Displays the detail of an alert (not configurable)

You said you have already done some research so you may already have this link but just in case, take a look at the following:

If I come across anything to the contrary, I'll repost and let you know.


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Re: Call Manager 6.1 and RTMT E-mail alerts?

To ride on Hailey's coat tails (+5 to H), do you have an existing solution that can receive SNMP traps and/or syslogs and escalate to an E-mail alert?  If so, you can configure the CUCM to send SNMP traps on errors logged to the syslog (or simply just use syslog Error level in Enterprise Parameters) to send logged events to an off box solution. Then trigger an alarm/e-mail with the details.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Call Manager 6.1 and RTMT E-mail alerts?

Thanks for your input!!! I'm not trying to change the alert detail. I just want it to send the full details to my e-mail distribution. Right now it doesn't send everything, The alert detail in RTMT tells me what gateway went down but the e-mail alert doesn't show that info.??

Re: Call Manager 6.1 and RTMT E-mail alerts?

In reading thru the guide and having worked with RTMT alerts before, my impression of it's capabilties is that the alert text you receive via email is preconfigured and cannot be changed.  You do have the option to append text to an alert; however, this would be something for your own internal use.  It would be generic and unrelated to the actual details of the event generating the alert.


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