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Call Manager 7.1.3 hunt group

I have a pilot point configured with hunt group that is configured to route calls to longest idle and is routing calls directly to AC users.  Is there a way to configure the number of rings for a call before it is routed to the next member of the hunt group?


Re: Call Manager 7.1.3 hunt group

In the line group, you can use the RNA Reversion Timeout value:

Enter a time, in seconds, after which Cisco Unified Communications  Manager will distribute a call to the next available or idle member of  this line group or to the next line group if the call is not answered  and if the first hunt option, Try next member; then, try next group in Hunt List, is chosen. The RNA Reversion Timeout applies at the line-group level to all members.

Generally speaking 4-5 seconds = 1 ring cycle but you will have to play with the numbers to get them to where you'd like them to be.


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Re: Call Manager 7.1.3 hunt group

My apologies for not using proper terminology, but the hunt group is configured through a Pilot Point through the CM Attendant Console under the Application menu in Call Manager.

Re: Call Manager 7.1.3 hunt group

Ah, my bad.  I'll double-check for you when I get a chance.  If it's not a service parameter setting for AC console, I don't believe you have that granularity with the Pilot Point.  It just lets you select the algorithm used.


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